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Saint Andrews is updating its Municipal Plan.  The Municipal Plan is a document that your council will use to ensure they are making decisions in a way that is in the public interest.  The town is mandated by the New Brunswick Community Planning Act to do this every ten years.

What is a Municipal Plan?

Municipal Plans are one of, if not the most, important municipal legal documents.  They serve a dual purpose as both a guide to the Council of the day and staff in their decision making and as a strategic long-term document.  Council is not mandated to do anything in the plan, but they cannot do anything that would contradict the plan.

When people hear ‘municipal plan’ their first thought is often land-use and zoning.  The zoning by-law is a critical companion to the Municipal Plan, but Municipal Plans’ scope is greater than just land-use.  It includes policies regarding the economy, the environment, architectural heritage, culture, institutions, infrastructure (transportation, water, sewers, etc…) and housing.

Why are we consulting?

It is crucial that the input of the Saint Andrews’ community is reflected in the updated municipal plan.  As a resident you possess local knowledge which the Municipal Plan Team (MPT) may not be aware of.  We want this to be YOUR plan, and while the legal responsibility of implementing the plan falls upon your Council, they need community engagement to really make it happen.  If you are reading this, you’ve already started!

Who is listening?

The Municipal Plan Steering Committee is made up of Town staff, councilors, interest-group representatives, and planning staff from the Southwest New Brunswick Regional Service Commission.  Ultimately it is Council as a whole that will approve the final plan.

How do I use this website?

This website is being used to provide resources and updates, opportunities for feedback, and interactive features to supplement in-person community engagement.  Explore, inform yourself, and join the conversation!  As we proceed through the planning process new resources and feedback opportunities will become available.