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Draft Municipal Plan  


Xander Gopen
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26/11/2019 10:04 am  

Draft Municipal Plan

Let us know what you think!

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26/01/2020 2:08 pm  

Hi -

I'd like to express serious reservations about any proposed Heritage restrictions.  We believe this will lead to increased costs of contractors, delays in repairs which would be especially problematic for exterior work in a short season, limitations on desired updates and complications if/when we sell our property.

A quick drive around town should remind anyone what the ramifications of how these Plans may ultimately affect property owners.  It wasn't that long ago that hedges were slashed despite overwhelming public objection, a dissenting letter from the engineer who'd authored a 1980's study the town was mis-using as it's basis for the so-called Safety Plan and a needless legal fight prompted by subjective application of this plan.  

While I was a previous supporter of the heritage bylaw and one could argue that a bylaw might have protected the hedges, I think the risk of providing an overzealous board or heritage officer with a new tool is too risky.  

I feel like the current town council and management are doing an exceptional job but we're 0ne election from a potential changing of the guard.  Without major protections for owners, I simply cannot support more governance of a property that we already invest a ton of time, energy and finances maintaining.

Tom O'Connor - 94 King Street


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